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About the show

Paraphrase is a podcast about literary beginnings, from the first words of a novel to the first steps in a career. Host Stephen Fishbach interviews novelists about the craft and thematic choices they make in their books.

I had the idea for Paraphrase when I was looking for a craft podcast that dealt with a work of fiction at the paragraph level. Finding nothing, I had the epiphany that I could start a podcast myself!

I’ve been podcasting for over six years as one half of the Survivor Know-It-Alls about the TV show Survivor, as well as spin-off podcasts The Game of Thrones Know-It-Alls, The Genius Know It Alls, and most absurdly, The Love Know-It-Alls.



Paraphrase is hosted and produced by Stephen Fishbach

Editing by Steven Zampanti/ Conceptual Podcasting

Show art and site help by Nick Ditmore