Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation

photo credit: Kyle Cassidy

photo credit: Kyle Cassidy

You reward your subconscious, just by writing down everything your subconscious gives you even if you don’t use it all. And so I think that’s why my subconscious has been very generous to me - I don’t take it for granted.
— Jeff VanderMeer

In the debut episode, Jeff VanderMeer joins me to discuss his novel Annihilation.

Jeff is the author dozens of novels, short stories, literary criticism, nonfiction, and basically anything else a person can write, including stellar tweets. He has been called "the Weird Thoreau" by the New Yorker.

Annihilation, the first book of his Southern Reach trilogy, won the Nebula and Shirley Jackson awards, and was adapted into a movie by director Alex Garland.

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